Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

divorce lawyer singaporeStatistics shows that the divorce rates in Singapore are going up.  Divorce is one very difficult phase in your life that you have to deal with. Emotionally and mentally, this is one time where you need all the help you can get. That help can come from a competent divorce lawyer in Singapore who will pursue your best interests.

Aside from settling the primary issue of the dissolution of your marriage, a lawyer is needed to solve for you the many delicate divorce questions, the legal ramifications of which are beyond your personal expertise.

These can range from your home all the way to your other conjugal properties. If you have children, there would be lengthy adjudications on custody, child support, and alimonies.  Hence, its very important to identify the correct divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Not all lawyers, however, are competent, sharp enough or have the experience you need.

Pre-hiring of a Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

Before hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore, it is advisable to first meet with him or her for a consultation. There might be some small fees charged on you, but these days most lawyer in Singapore offer free  first consultation .

Nevertheless, you have to go through this because you need to know if your prospective lawyer is the right one for your case to proceed with legal divorce in Singapore.

Be ready with your questions by writing them down first. How would your lawyer-to-be approach his or her cases? How does he or she decide the appropriate process for a case (mediation, litigation or negotiation)? How would he or she generally execute his or her intended legal moves?

Choice of a good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

Naturally, you would want someone who had their expertise focused on divorce cases in Singapore and all of its aspects. Additionally, you would want your lawyer to be familiar with Singapore’s family law, the local courts, the judges and the people. Someone who might have moved in recently might not be a good choice.

Consider your attorney’s working style and motivation. Are you comfortable with your prospective divorce lawyer’s style? Do you feel you can communicate with him or her over time?

If you have apprised them of the issues in your case (maybe provided them with an outline), ask them about your chances for everything from custody, support, alimony and all other concerns.

If they tell you they prefer (and had settled most of their cases through mediation) when you want to fight your partner on some issues, you may not be meant for each other.

Ask about their cases – how many have they been involved with in over what period of time? You would also need someone with extensive courtroom experience if you think you have a contentious divorce case.

All in all, deciding on the right lawyer to represent you in your divorce in Singapore is a delicate matter. It needs your personal insight on your prospective lawyer’s abilities. While this may be an emotional time for you, you decision should be objective.  Divorce Lawyer In Singapore.